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Moving Tips and F.A.Qs

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Do you require a deposit for booking a move?

There is no deposit required to book moves.  We only collect payment after the move is completed.

What method of payments to you accept?

We can accept cash, debit, e-transfer and credit cards.

Can I keep clothes in my dresser?

We prefer to move the dressers empty.  When the dresser is full and really heavy, it puts extra stress on the structural integrity of the furniture.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured.  We carry a liability insurance as well cargo insurance to protect your items in transport.

What size of truck do you have?

We operate with a large truck with a 30 foot long enclosed box.  This truck holds an average 4 bedroom home.  If you have a large house, it may not all fit in one load, it may require two trips.

How do you charge for Moving?

We charge by the hour.  Our hourly rate is $135 per hour.  This includes two professional movers, the truck and all our equipment.  We charge from the time we leave our shop until the time we get back to our shop.  For larger moves we can supply 3 men with our truck for $180 per hour.

Is there an extra cost for fuel?

Fuel is included for local moves in Red Deer only.  If you are moving out of town, we do have a fuel charge on top of the hourly rate.

Are there any other hidden fees or extra costs to be aware of?  Other moving companies have a charge for the truck, stairs, supplies, etc.

There are no hidden fees.  We do not have a truck fee, stair fee or supplies fee.  We just charge our hourly rate and fuel if you are out of town.

How can I book a move with you?

The best way to schedule your move is to call (403) 550-8909.  Alternatively you can also text this number or email me at

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